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Vector-Ban Plus

Vector-Ban Plus is an excellent multi purpose insecticide that's used to eliminate numerous insects such as fleas, mosquitoes and other flying and crawling insects. This can be used in misting systems, fogging machines and tank sprayers.

The active ingredient is Permethrin 10% and Piperonyl Butoxicd 10%. 

Will eliminate the following insect but not limited to:

Ants, Bed Bugs, Box Elder Bugs, Centipedes, Carpet Beetles, Cloths Moths, Clover Mites, Silverfish, Mosquitoes, Chinch Bugs, Cockroaches, Darkling Beetles, Fire Ants, Fleas, Flies, Gnats, Grasshoppers, Gypsy Moth, Horn Flies, Hornets, House Flies, Japanese Beetles, Spiders, Ticks, Wasps, Yellow Jackets