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closeup photo of a ladybug insect

As the days get shorter and the weather starts to cool down, homeowners start to prepare their homes for the winter. However, many people don't realize that this is also when they need to be on the lookout for fall bugs. There are many different bugs and pests that are active during the fall season, and it's important to know how to deal with them to avoid an infestation.

At DIY Pest Warehouse, we provide you with the insights and resources you need to combat fall pests. We offer a wide selection of fall pest control products that can help eliminate these pesky bugs. Here are some of the most common fall pests:

  • Beetles - Beetles can be a common fall pest and can invade your home as they start preparing for hibernation. Some of the most common beetles include ladybugs, stink bugs, Japanese beetles, and boxelder bugs. You're likely to find them near the warmest areas of your home, typically on the west and south-facing facing sides. To keep these fall bugs out, make sure to seal up any cracks or openings in your home.
  • Roaches - Roaches can also invade your home in the fall. They're attracted to moisture and tend to enter homes through cracks and crevices. You're most likely to see them near kitchens and bathrooms, where they will feed on food or water.
  • Spiders - As the weather starts to cool down, spiders will start looking for a place to overwinter. They build their webs in sheltered areas, like doorways and window frames. Spiders often invade homes through cracks and crevices, and you're likely to see them in basements, crawlspaces, and garages.
  • Rodents - As the weather cools down, rats and mice will start looking for a place to stay warm. They can invade your home through cracks and holes in the walls or roof or through sewers and drains. The last thing you want is a rodent infestation in your home, so be sure to take steps to prevent them from entering.
  • Bed Bugs - These fall bugs are active all year long, but they tend to be more prevalent in the fall. Bed bugs are attracted to warmth and blood, and will often invade homes through luggage, furniture, or bedding. 
  • Bees - As it starts to get cooler outside, bees will start being more active as they gather as many nutrients as possible before winter arrives. They can often be found in attics, eaves, and rooflines. Bees are beneficial insects, so if you find a beehive or signs of one on your property, it's best to call a bee removal professional to move it.
  • Cluster Flies - Cluster flies are a nuisance pest that can invade your home in the fall. They're attracted to light and often enter through windows or doors. You're most likely to see them clustered around ceilings and walls.
  • Crickets - These fall bugs can be found in basements, garages, and sheds. They're attracted to light and moisture, so make sure to keep your home dry and sealed up tight. Crickets can be noisy and breed rapidly. Seal entry points under the front, back, and garage doors to keep them out.
  • Silverfish - Silverfish are another common pest that can be active in the fall. They're attracted to moisture and often invade homes through drains, sewers, cracks, and crevices. Silverfish can cause damage to books, paper, clothing, and wallpaper.

Wasps - As the weather starts to cool down, wasps will start looking for a place to hibernate. They often build their nests in attics, eaves, and garages. If you find a wasp nest on your property, it’s best to remove it before these fall bugs become a problem.

closeup photo of a yellow jacket wasp

Affordable DIY Fall Pest Control Solution

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