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Winter Bugs

Frozen spiderweb

Across most regions in the US, winter brings freezing temperatures, snow, and ice. While this is great for the holiday spirit, it also brings a wave of winter bugs that can wreak havoc on your home or property. From ants to mice and even roaches, these winter pests all pose unique challenges to homeowners across America during the coldest months of the year.

Luckily, DIY Pest Warehouse has all the DIY winter pest control products you need to eliminate these pesky creatures. To help you deal with winter pests, we're going to give you some information about the winter pests you're likely to encounter, how you can protect your home, and how to get rid of them cost-effectively and with ease.

Most Common Winter Pests

While some insects and pests hibernate during winter, others continue to be active. These winter bugs are often more of a nuisance than anything else, but they can easily become much bigger problems if you don't take the necessary precautions. Even with freezing temperatures, you're likely to encounter a wide range of pests inside your home, such as rodents, termites, cockroaches, bed bugs, spiders, wildlife like raccoons and ants in winter.

  • Ants: Ants can be a problem year-round, but they're particularly annoying during winter. Ants tend to attract other pests like roaches and rodents too.
  • Termites: Termites infest homes in winter just as they do during the other seasons. You can minimize their presence and protect your home from termite damage by investing in proven DIY control products for termites and other winter bugs.
  • Rodents: During winter, when there's less food out in the open, rodents will look for shelter indoors. They can be anywhere from just a nuisance to carriers of diseases that put you and your family at risk.
  • Cockroaches: While they're not as problematic during winter months because it gets very cold outdoors, cockroaches are still a nuisance pest that can invade your home, especially if you live in an apartment building with shared walls.
  • Spiders: While there are all kinds of spiders, some species cannot tolerate winter and they die when it's very cold outside. However, like other winter bugs, spiders seek shelter indoors and invade your home, posing a threat to you and your family.
  • Wildlife: Wildlife like raccoons pose an even greater risk during winter when they're looking for shelter from the cold. They can get into attics or chimneys and go unnoticed. They will even look for entry points such as loose-fitting doors and windows, vents, and small openings.

There are many more winter pests than the ones mentioned above, so it's advisable to learn about them in detail before you start taking DIY winter pest control action.

How to Protect Your Property

Forest cabin in winter

Here are some tips for pest control to help you get rid of winter bugs:

  • Keep your house clean and dry - moisture will attract ants, in winter especially
  • Check for cracks, crevices, or other entry points where pests may enter
  • Seal up any holes with caulk or silicone sealant
  • Clean up food spills promptly before they turn into new sources of infestation
  • Use glue boards to trap ants and other crawling insects
  • Place insect baits and rodent traps throughout the house
  • Spray insecticides on outdoor surfaces, around doors and window sills, along foundations, patios, porches, or decks. You can also spray indoors in corners behind appliances like stoves or washers

Get Professional-Grade DIY Pest Control Products

If you're looking for professional-grade DIY pest control products to get rid of winter bugs, you've come to the right place. Our mission is to help homeowners like yourself protect your home and family against insects, rodents, mosquitoes, and more. DIY Pest Warehouse offers a wide selection of effective solutions that are safe for indoor use and outdoor applications around the perimeter of your home.

Whether you're dealing with roaches or ants in winter, we have solutions for any pest. Order and enjoy reliable product support, low prices, and fast, free shipping in the US.