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Glue Boards

Glue boards (also known as glue traps) are non-toxic sticky boards that are designed to trap rodents, such as mice and rats, as well as insects. Due to their non-toxicity, they can be placed almost anywhere. Shop our selection now.

Effective & Affordable Pest Control

If you've seen signs of rodent or insect infestation in your home or office, it's time to take some action. Rats and mice can cause a lot of structural and financial damage. In addition to the mess they can make, they can also spread diseases. At DIY Pest Warehouse, we know that using traditional pest control methods that are toxic isn't always applicable. That's why we bring you safe and non-toxic glue boards that will trap rodents and insects quickly and easily. You can place these traps almost anywhere in your home or office for fast results.

When it comes to getting rid of rodents or insects, you want a DIY solution that is effective and affordable. Our mouse glue trap boards are designed to lure these pesky pests and indoor insects like cockroaches and flies with a special scent, then trap them with an adhesive on the board. These pest glue traps can be placed in a number of strategic locations around your home or office, such as kitchen corners, under sinks, storage areas, and along corridors, making it easy to target specific problem areas. Plus, because they're non-toxic, glue traps are safe to use around children and pets.

Stop Pests Pestering You

Glue boards have long been a popular way to trap pests. They’re simple, cheap, easy to set up, and don’t require any special skills or knowledge. Simply place them where you think pests will be active and wait for them to get stuck. Buy a complete set of glue traps that will last you months and other DIY pest control products at DIY Pest Warehouse now. Have any questions? Contact our industry experts to get answers fast. 

Professional-Grade Solutions for Any Pest

At DIY Pest Warehouse, we know the importance of using only the highest-quality products to protect your home from pests. That’s why we offer a wide selection of professional-grade DIY solutions so you can get rid of pests on your own and save up to 80% compared with exterminator costs. We help you save time and money.