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Talon Weatherblok XT Rodenticide

Talon Weatherblok XT Rodenticide contains the active ingredient brodifacoum.  The unique formulation of this bait allows outstanding weatherability and palatability to control rodents with a single feeding, even in harsh outdoor conditions.

  • Designed for extreme weatherability without compromising rodent acceptance
  • Features weather-resistant wax blocks with grooved edges for more gnawing area
  • Palatable to rodents with high-density grain content and Bitrex human taste deterrent
  • Formulated to control rodents with a low dose, even warfarin-resistant mice and rats
  • Controls rats and mice with a single feeding in both urban and rural areas
  • Single feeding reduces exposure and cost, limits the incidence of bait shyness

Please note that rodenticide bait blocks need to be used inside a bait station. Due to the size of the baits, this will not fit into the Aegis Mouse Bait Station, Protecta Mouse Bait Station or the Protecta RTU Mouse Bait Station.