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Selontra Rodent Bait

Are you tired of rodents invading your home on a regular basis? Are you looking for a quick and effective way to get rid of them? If so, then Selontra Rodent Bait is the product for you. Selontra has been shown to be effective against anticoagulant-resistant rodents and will eliminate most mice and rats within seven days. Get this professional-grade DIY Cholecalciferol rodenticide at DIY Pest Warehouse today.

Save Time and Money

When dealing with a rodent infestation, you need to act fast. Selontra soft bait is designed to kill rodents so they don't come back. With the active ingredient Cholecalciferol 0.08%, you'll see results in less than one week. Your entire rodent population will be eliminated within two weeks of beginning treatment.

This product is great for any home or business with rodent problems.Selontra Rodent Bait can be used indoors or outdoors without any worry of secondary poisoning. Save up to 80% compared to exterminator costs and valuable time with proven DIY pest control products trusted by professional exterminators.

Get Answers Fast

As industry experts, we know that many different products and methods exist to take care of any pest problem. If you have an ant, cockroach, or rodent issue, we can help. We provide you with reliable solutions that will provide you with the best results in getting rid of your pest problem.

Our Selontra Rodent Bait will successfully eliminate rodents with ease. Get it at an affordable price and enjoy outstanding customer service. If you have any questions about eliminating rodents, our experts are here to ensure you have the right DIY pest control products for the job.

Shop With Confidence

If you're looking for effective, safe, and affordable rodent control products, look no further but DIY Pest Warehouse. Our Selontra Rodent Bait effectively eliminates all anticoagulant-resistant rodents, including Norway rats, Roof rats, Cotton rats, Eastern Harvest mouse, Golden mouse, House mice, Meadow vole, and Mexican Wood rats. Order now and enjoy fast, free shipping in the US.

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