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PT Clear Zone III Metered Pyrethrin Spray

DIY Pest Warehouse is proud to offer BASF PT Clear Zone III Metered Pyrethrin Spray, a top-tier solution for homeowners looking to effectively manage indoor flying pests in their living spaces. Identical to Purge III, this powerful spray is specially formulated to combat flies, gnats, mosquitoes, and small flying moths. Pyrethrin bug spray is designed for compatibility with battery-operated, time-released units like TimeMist, ensuring continuous protection and making it an essential tool for maintaining a comfortable, pest-free environment at home.

Active ingredients are: 

  • Pyrethrins (Botanical insecticide)1% 
  • Piperonyl Butoxide 5%
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Reliable, User-Friendly, and Lasting Pest Control

BASF PT Clear Zone III Spray is a groundbreaking solution in DIY pest control, blending the natural strength of Pyrethrins with Piperonyl Butoxide's boosted efficacy to combat a variety of flying pests. This powerful formula is designed for ease of use in automatic dispensers, ensuring consistent, metered protection that reduces the need for frequent manual applications. 

Ideal for the eco-conscious homeowner, each 6.25-ounce of Pyrethrin spray can provide around a month of defense, keeping your living space free from invaders. It's a perfect set-and-forget option for those seeking an effective, user-friendly, and environmentally responsible way to maintain a pest-free home, saving time and aligning with sustainable living practices.

Professional-Grade DIY Pest Control Products

At DIY Pest Warehouse, we strive to bring you top-brand pest control solutions that give you access to high-quality, professional products at affordable prices. Our wide selection includes everything from insecticide concentrates and granules to aerosol sprays, insect growth regulators, glue boards, foggers, and dusts, all priced competitively. 

By choosing us, you could save up to 80% compared to hiring professional exterminators, with the confidence that you're using the same products they trust. We also offer comprehensive guides for managing a broad spectrum of pests, ensuring you have the tools and knowledge for effective home pest control. Keep your home safe and pest-free effortlessly and affordably with our Pyrethrin spray.

Stop Bugs Bugging You

At DIY Pest Warehouse, we make it easy for you to tackle any pest problem using the effective Pyrethrin bug spray and a wide range of other DIY solutions. Enjoy the convenience of fast, free shipping within the US, along with our exceptional customer service and expert product support. Our industry professionals are here to answer your questions quickly, ensuring you get the right product for your needs. Learn more.