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Optimate CS (Pint)

Optimate CS Controlled Release Insecticide -Low Use Rate

Optimate CS Controlled Release Insecticide, with Gamma-Cyhalothrina is one of the most active pyrethroids available on the market.The use rates of gamma-cyhalothrin are some of the lowest of insecticides. This means that there is less of the active ingredient in the environment. This microencapsulated insecticide may be used inside or outside. Optimate CS has a huge label for the pests that it controls, and also is labeled for turfgrass and shrubs.

Optimate CS - High Yield

Optimate CS Insecticide - 1oz will yield 3-6 gallons of finished solution for average home use. For lawn, turfgrass and shrubs, the yield is a lot higher.


Optimate CS Top Features

  • Control Release for up to 3 months
  • May be re-treated at 21 day intervals per label
  • Average dilution rate is 5-10 milliliters per gallon of water(measurments on the side of the bottle)
  • One gallon finished dilution typically treats 500 – 1000 sq. ft.
  • Well known in poultry housing, one pint of Optimate CS treats up to 24,000 sq feet when treating litter beetles. Optimate CS is also effective against darkling beetles, hide and carrion beettles .
  • In University testing, Optimate CS killed 100% of big-headed ants over twice as fast after 4 weeks than Lambda-Cyhalothrin.