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Onslaught FastCap Spider and Scorpion Insecticide

Spiders and scorpions are two of the most common pests in the world. While they're vital to our ecosystem, no one wants to find them in their homes. The last thing you want is anyone getting bitten by a venomous spider or stung by a scorpion, which can cause painful swelling, extreme allergic reactions, and even fatalities when not taken care of immediately. If you want to get rid of spiders and scorpions in and around your property, get the fast-acting Onslaught FastCap insecticide at DIY Pest Warehouse.

Professional-Grade DIY Insecticide

Onslaught FastCap spider and scorpion insecticide is a fast-acting microencapsulated formulation for the control of spiders and scorpions. This product is one of the best liquid concentrates for use against these pests, delivering spider insecticide quickly to eliminate them.

It can also be used as an outside perimeter spray to keep these pesky pests from entering your home or business. As a pyrethroid and synergist, it quickly works to kill insects by disrupting their nervous systems. This pest control product is designed to last up to 12 months, offering you a long-lasting solution.

Broad Range of Application

Our Onslaught FastCap spider and scorpion pesticide is one of the best liquid concentrate pesticides available in the market for general pest control. It can be used to eliminate different kinds of spiders, including brown recluse, wolf, hobo, black widow, and other types commonly found in houses or buildings.

It works great on different types of scorpions like Arizona bark scorpion, black rock scorpions, and other types. Onslaught FastCap has a broad range of applications, including indoor and outdoor broadcast surfaces, cracks and crevices, spot areas, perimeter walls, foliar, and wall voids. It can be sprayed, injected, or fogged.

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When it comes to pest control, homeowners want to deal with the problem as quickly and effectively as possible. With Onslaught FastCap Spider & Scorpion Insecticide, you can order it online now and enjoy fast, free shipping in the US. Our DIY pest control products save you up to 80% compared with exterminator costs.

Order at DIY Pest Warehouse and enjoy excellent customer services, product support, and low prices.

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