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MSM Turf Herbicide

MSM Turf Herbicide is an effective product used to eliminate broadleaf and grassy weeds. This can be used on ornamental turfs, lawns and other areas where weed control is needed such as golf courses, sod farms and yards.

The active ingredient is Metsulfuron Methyl 60%. 

This will eliminate the following weed but not limited to: Aster, clover, dollarweed, Bahia grass, foxtail, bittercress, henbit, buckhorn, chickweed, plantain, dandelion, and more.

It's important to note that this product can only be used on the following grass:  Bermudagrass, Kentucky Bluegrass, Fine Fescue, and St. Augustinegrass turf areas. This cannot be applied on grass that is under one year old.