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Summit Chemical

Mosquito Bites Summit

Summit Mosquito Bites is a fast acting granule specifically designed to kill mosquito larvae within minutes of using! This is also effective on Fungus Gnat.

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water, or an area known to flood.  While the adult mosquito is a typical six legged, four winged, flying insect pest, their larvae only survive in an aquatic environment. Mosquito Bits are a microbial larvicide, which means that utilizing a bacterial active ingredient and controls only the larval stage of development. When applied to standing water, the Bit’s release a natural soil borne bacterium, Bti (Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israeliensis). This bacteria is ingested by the mosquito larvae within the water and soon after kills the mosquito larvae with no effect on anything else.  Unlike the Mosquito Dunks. the Mosquito Bits were designed to release all of its Bti at the time of application. This feature is what has made it useful in the control of fungus gnats in addition to mosquitoes, as the Bti is easily released from the corn cob granule with water to be provided to the gnat larvae in the soil. It is the same formulation applied by professional mosquito abatement programs to sensitive habitats such as salt marshes and estuaries, it easily penetrates vegetation, and can reach fragmented, difficult to treat sites such as bromeliad “pitchers”, and hoof prints spread out over a pasture.

The BTI in Mosquito Bits also provides an extremely fast and effective way to quickly kill large populations of mosquito larvae. When spread on standing water where mosquitoes breed, Mosquito Bits® granules release a biological mosquito larvicide at the water’s surface. As the BTI settles in the water, hungry mosquito larvae eat the BTI and die.

The Bits will keep killing the larvae for up to 24 hours after applying.