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Maxforce Granular Fly Bait

Bayer Maxforce Granular Fly Bait is a highly effective solution for maintaining a fly-free environment at your home. This potent formula entices flies using a quartet of powerful attractants, including an irresistible aroma and a seductive pheromone, ensuring quick results with a knockdown time of just 60 seconds. With easy-to-use fly bait granules, you can choose to broadcast treat areas, dissolve in water for painting onto surfaces, or utilize bait stations for application, tailoring the method to your home's needs. It also offers up to 30 days of protection, granting homeowners a long-lasting solution and peace of mind in maintaining a fly-free zone. Get this fly control solution at DIY Pest Warehouse at a competitive price.

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Enjoy Responsible and Efficient Fly Control

The Bayer Maxforce Granular Fly Bait is specifically formulated for outdoor settings, including commercial and agricultural facilities, providing a shield against fly infestations in areas such as dumpsters, garbage compactors, and outdoor dining spaces. It uses a low-toxicity formula to safeguard non-target animals, prioritizing environmental safety while combating pesky intruders. It also contains a Bitrex bittering agent, which discourages ingestion by children, animals, and non-target wildlife. 

This makes it a responsible choice for pest control around the external perimeters of various structures. DIY pest control enthusiasts can take advantage of the fly bait granules' easy application options, tailoring the treatment to the specific needs of their space. If you want a versatile solution to fly troubles, get this product at our online store. Enjoy a durable defense against flies, reduce the hassle of frequent reapplications, and easily maintain a comfortable and hygienic environment. 

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