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Maxforce Fleet Ant Gel

Bayer Maxforce Fleet Ant Gel is a superior solution for dealing with persistent ant infestations. This thick gel is designed to adhere to walls, ensuring long-lasting effectiveness easily. With Fipronil as the active ingredient, it targets ants to carry the bait back to their colony, effectively eliminating a broad range of ants, including Carpenter, Pharaoh, Argentine, Honey, Pavement, Odorous House, Acrobat, Big-Headed, Thief, Field, and Cornfield ants.

  • Easy to use
  • Fast acting solution 
  • Broad spectrum control
  • One plunger for precision application

If you’re looking for a versatile ant control product, get the Maxforce carpenter ant bait gel at an affordable price at DIY Pest Warehouse today.

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Eliminate Ants with Ease

Bayer Maxforce Fleet Ant Gel combines potent attractants and the active ingredient, Fipronil, to effectively disrupt ant activity. Its gel formulation with a plunger ensures you can control the amount of gel applied and effectively target ants in areas where they’re likely to enter structures or gather. 

You can apply a continuous bead of gel that targets points of entry, water-damaged areas, and high-moisture locations where ants are more active. The gel offers rapid control within 3-5 days and is one of the best broad-spectrum ant control products designed for comprehensive coverage in and around your home.

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