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Lipha Tech

First Strike Soft Bait Rodenticide

Lipha Tech First Strike Soft Bait rodenticide is a safe and effective solution for controlling rodent populations in residential, commercial, and outdoor areas. It contains difethialone, a second-generation anticoagulant that knocks out rodents in just one night of feeding, with the first dead rodents appearing 4-5 days later. First Strike bait is suitable for use against house mice, Norway rats, roof rats, and other rodent species. If you're looking for a fast-acting and effective rodent control solution, get the proven First Strike rodenticide at DIY Pest House today.

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Easy and Convenient to Use

First Strike Soft Bait is the perfect solution for indoor and outdoor rodent control. It features a soft pellet form that makes it easy to place and use around your home or property with minimal effort. The bait works great in areas where you suspect high mouse activity. Its non-toxic formula makes it ideal for avoiding any risk of secondary poisoning. Vitamin K1 is also available as an antidote just in case of accidental ingestion.

Its unique formulation ensures that it won't be contaminated by other food sources, providing maximum efficacy and convenience. In case of heavy infestation, you can use multiple baits in a single area for fast and effective results. With an extended shelf life, you can be sure that First Strike Soft Bait will remain effective long after its initial application.

Affordable DIY Pest Control Solutions

At DIY Pest Warehouse, we know that pest control can be expensive, but that doesn't mean you have to compromise on the quality of your rodent control solutions. That's why we offer the widest selection of DIY products at the best prices, including our First Strike bait rodenticide. We bring you highly effective and professional-grade rodent control solutions you can trust.

Most of our rodent control products, such as First Strike rodenticide, come premixed and ready-to-use and are formulated to attract rodents quickly, so they don't hesitate to consume. Learn more about eliminating rodents and other common pests using our expert guides.

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At DIY Pest Warehouse, we strive to bring you the best DIY solutions for any pest. We offer fast, free shipping within the U.S. and reliable worldwide shipping. Have any questions about Lipha Tech First Strike Soft Bait rodenticide? Our industry experts provide answers quickly and accurately - feel free to contact us today. Ready to shop? Buy now.