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EZ Snap Seeker Rat Bait Station

The EZ Snap Seeker Rat Bait Station features an innovative design that allows you to use this in attics, drop down ceiling and tight spaces. This is made from 100% recycled injection-molded plastic. The zip tie will turn yellow if a rat goes inside.

Once the rodent is in the station, there is a baffling system that leads the rodent directly to the trigger zone of the snap trap. The walls can create a baffling system or be used in a way that a rodent can see through the station.

Two slots on the bottom allow for zip ties either vertical or horizontal to rodent runways giving you the flexibility to meet any situation head on including pipe chases, tree limbs, rafters, etc.

Two holes in the back for attaching U bolts for use on fence lines.

The measurement is 6 7/8" x 11 3/8" x 4 5/8".