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Dimension Ultra 40WP

Dimension Ultra 40WP is a herbicide that's used in controlling pre and post emergent crabgrass and other annual grasses / broadleaf weeds. This can be used in lawns, turf, sod farms, ornamentals, non-croplands. 

When used as a pre-emergent, Dimension works as a way to prevent weed seeds from germinating in the soil. When seeds do not germinate, they do not grow. However if the seeds are already growing, then Dimension will not eliminate the weed. The only thing Dimension will eliminate after a weed has sprouted is crabgrass.

Active Ingredient: Dithiopyr 40%

Please note, to use this product, there needs to be 1/2 inch or more rainfall for this to be activated. When spraying, the dilution rate is one 5 oz bag to minimum of 2 gallons of water.