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CrossFire Bed Bug Concentrate

Crossfire Bed Bug Concentrate is an effective product designed to eliminate bed bugs quickly and easily. It kills pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs at ALL life stages, including eggs. When this bed bug concentrate is sprayed, any bed bug that comes in contact with it will start dying within 5 minutes. Crossfire bed bug spray can be used indoors or outdoors on mattresses, box springs, carpets, wood floors, pet beds/crates/cages, and other areas where the insects may reside. Order yours at DIY Pest Warehouse.

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Premium DIY Pest Control Solutions

As industry experts in DIY pest control solutions, we strive to bring our customers the highest quality products on the market. We’re proud to offer Crossfire pesticide for killing bed bugs, a product that has been specifically designed to work quickly and effectively.

Crossfire Bed Bug Concentrate doesn't have a residual effect, meaning it will not leave a protective barrier once sprayed. Active ingredients include Clothianidin 4%, Metofluthrin 0.1%, Piperonyl butoxide 10%. These ingredients are highly effective and proven to work. Save up to 80% compared to exterminator costs with our DIY pest control products.

Professional Products At Affordable Prices

We bring you the same pest control products that professionals use without the professional price tag. We offer a variety of professional-grade products to help you get rid of your pest problem, including bed bug insecticide and ant killer. Our pest control products have been tested in laboratories, so we know they work.

If you're dealing with a bed bug infestation, you want to make sure that your pest control solution will quickly get rid of these nasty creatures. Crossfire Bed Bug Concentrate is one of the most effective bed bug insecticide concentrates on the market today. Get it at an affordable price and enjoy reliable product support. Learn how to kill bed bugs with DIY products that deliver results.

Stop Bugs Bugging You

At DIY Pest Warehouse, we understand how annoying bed bugs can be. That's why we carry Crossfire Bed Bug Concentrate MGK. When sprayed directly onto any infestation of stage bed bugs, they will die within minutes. Buy Crossfire bed bug spray now and enjoy excellent customer service and fast, free shipping in the U.S.