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Control Solutions

Bifen L/P Insecticide Granules

DIY Pest Warehouse proudly offers the Bifen LP Insecticide Granules—a homeowner's answer to common yard pests. Perfect for both lawns and perimeters, its active ingredient, bifenthrin 0.2%, matches the potency of the well-known Talstar PL Granules. From imported fire ants, chinch Bugs, fleas, moles, and crickets to ticks, it's designed to tackle a wide range of pest problems, ensuring your outdoor space remains a serene and bug-free sanctuary. Choose Bifen granules and let your yard thrive without unwanted guests.

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Easy to Use, Fast, and Long Lasting

Crafted for the passionate DIY pest control aficionado, Control Solutions insecticide granules offer more than just surface-level relief. Once spread, these granules act swiftly, providing a robust defense for up to 90 days. What's the secret? The proven blend of bifenthrin 0.2% and a high-quality sand carrier ensures an even and persistent protection against pests.

Key benefits of Bifen LP Insecticide Granules:

  • Effective against ants, chinch bugs, fleas, mole crickets, ticks, and more.
  • Reliable control over flea larvae and fire ants
  • 25-pound pack treats up to a massive 21,000 square feet.

Reliable Pest Control Solutions

Rooted in a tradition of excellence, DIY Pest Warehouse has carefully curated a range of DIY pest control solutions that even professional exterminators trust. We strive to bring you the best pest control solutions at affordable prices, backed by product support from our industry experts.

With our products, you get to save up to 80% compared with exterminator costs. So, if you're a homeowner keen on effective, affordable, and trusted pest control, look no further. DIY Pest Warehouse is your partner in creating a pest-free sanctuary. Order Bifen LP Insecticide Granules and other insecticides online today.

Stop Bugs Bugging You

Looking for a pest-free home? Choose DIY Pest Warehouse. We provide fast, free US shipping and deliver globally. From ants to roaches, we've got the solution for any pest issue. Check out our pest guides to learn more about controlling different pests. Do you have any questions about Bifen granules or any other DIY pest control product? Our friendly customer service is here to help. Contact us for efficient solutions and expert guidance.