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Bedlam Plus Insecticide Aerosol

Bedlam Plus is an insecticide used when regular Bedlam is no longer effective. It contains the same active ingredients as Bedlam but also includes Phenothrin. This makes it more effective against pyrethroid-resistant pests. Once applied, MGK Bedlam Plus will continue working for up to 16 weeks. It can be used indoors and on smooth surfaces, making it an ideal choice for homes and businesses. This powerful and safe insecticide provides the results you need when dealing with bed bugs, ticks, fleas, dust mites, clothes moths, and carpet beetles.

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Dual Mode of Action for Fast & Effective Results

Bedlam Plus Insecticide Aerosol provides a dual mode of action for fast and effective control of most common home pests. Bedlam Plus is a contact and residual insecticide with broad-spectrum control of adult fleas, brown dog ticks, American dog ticks, Lone star ticks, house dust mites, and many other listed pests.

Bedlam Plus contains imidacloprid, which selectively interferes with the transmission of nerve impulses in insects, causing paralysis and death, and pyriproxyfen, an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) which disrupts the insects' life cycle by inhibiting egg hatch and larvae development. It simply knocks down bugs and provides a fast residual kill.

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Our Bedlam Plus is a great all-purpose insecticide that can be used to control a variety of pests in and around your property. This product is easy to use and provides long-lasting results. We also offer reliable product support and excellent customer service to ensure you're getting the best possible products for your needs.

Order MGK Bedlam Plus now and enjoy fast, free shipping across the U.S. Have any questions about our DIY pest control solutions? Our knowledgeable team at DIY Pest Warehouse is always happy to help. Contact us today.