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Advion Ant Bait Arena

Advion Ant Bait Arena uses the same active ingredient indoxacarb .01%, as Advion Ant Bait Gel. Indoxacarb is a slow-acting poison which allows enough time for foraging ants to go back to their ant nests and contaminate other colony ants including larvae and queens.

Advion Ant Bait Arena contains 12 stations. Adhesive backs are included so that the stations can be mounted on surfaces such as the corners and sidewalls of cabinets. Use about 1-4 stations per location of ant infestations. No odor and very easy to use. It is pet and children safe when used as directed on the label.

Advion Ant Bait Arena - Typical Results

After placement it takes anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks to show results. The range depends on the severity of the infestation itself.

How to use Advion Ant Bait Arena Effectively

Advion ant bait arenas should be placed in areas where ants are currently foraging or foraging activity is suspected. The ant bait arenas should be placed adjacent to active foraging trails when possible. Care should be exercised in order to reduce the disturbance to the natural foraging pattern. If placed along foraging trails properly, ants should detect and begin feeding at the bait station within approximately 30 minutes. An increase in foraging activity around the station indicates good recruitment.